What better way to start planning than with a good map. Iceland is lucky to have several free web maps, each and every one with some specialty.

National Land Survey of Iceland
    - Map Viewer
        Optional place names, even searchable
        Reference map
        Natural color satellite images
        Infrared satellite images
        Old Danish Atlas Maps
        Has aerial photographs with good resolution for really finding that place name!

www.ja.is - The Icelandic online phone number registry - Yellow pages, individuals and everything searchable on a map!!!
    - Map service
        Search for a name, phone number or address. Extremely easy to use!
        Routing with distance, directions and time information, not just in the city but around the country as well.
        Optional map or aerial images in good resolution up to  1:2.000

Loftmyndir - Aerial Photographs
    - Map service
        Search for an address or a place name ( note: the NLSI place names are probably more reliable when it gets down to details )
        Routing with distance and directions around the country as well as in the city.
        Optional map or aerial photographs in good resolution up to 1:2.000

There are more web map services, just too many to list here, some only discoverable in Icelandic. If you have a special area, town or national park that you can't seem to find online and the above mentioned services don't cover good enough, just send us a line and we'll see if we can find it for you, we know Icelandic is not really the language you simply "figure out".