You got my business card!

If you, by sheer kindness of me or another person, got my card but you haven't been on a tour with me, check out on the left some of the tour companies I work with and see what they have to offer. Be sure to ask for Raggi.
If you have a group you need a guide for, just send me an e-mail and we will see what can be arranged.

If you have been on an tour with me, I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me. If you liked the tour be sure to give your feedback to the tour company or even better yet if you would leave a review on Trip Advisor. If there was something that could have been done better, please send me an e-mail at yourtrip (at) or your tour company contact so that it may be fixed.

I love staying in touch with my customers so if you have a photo you want to share with me, if you plan on coming back to Iceland or just want to chat, feel free to send me an e-mail or look me up on Facebook.

I hope to see you (again) soon.