What is YourTrip?

YourTrip is a small family business made around the guiding and travelling enthusiasm of it's founder and his family. For the most part it offers a guide service to larger or specialized tour operators and travel agencies. Whether it is on super jeeps, in buses, on ATVs or on foot, there are few tours that are out of my range.
As a licenced tour operator, YourTrip is also licenced to organize your day tour with everything included and offer you a package deal for it so you don't have to deal with all the bookings and separate payments. If you want help with planning your stay, sketching out an itinerary or even set up multi-day tours with us, that can be arranged. YourTrip will give you a quote for it's service and stick to it.

But what are you getting? What are the guide's credentials?
I will be your guide. I am a Physical Geographer, educated at the University of Iceland, working my nine to five job at the National Land Survey of Iceland as a GIS specialist, also working on cartography and SDI. As a Geographer I know just about everything there is to know about Icelandic nature; geology, geological history, flora and fauna, history and anyhing between.
I am also a professionally educated hiking guide from the Icelandic Tourist Guide School and a member of the Icelandic Tourist Guide Association. In addition I have experience from rescue teams and my own personal travelling around Iceland.

I have tried my hand at everything from private tours of two passengers up to scheduled whale watching tours on a ship for over 200 passengers. When I take on a tour I do everything I can to make that tour the highlight of my customers travel. The key elements being fun, adventure and a real experience of Iceland.

My name is Ragnar Þórðarson (Thordarson) but people call me Raggi. I am the Managing Director and Guide of YourTrip, at your service.

Reisan ehf. / YourTrip ltd.
Kt: 520400-4270
E-mail: yourtrip ( at ) yourtrip.is
Tel: +354-694-9658

Skráning Fyrirtækjaskrár / Official Firm Registration
Skráning Ferðaskipuleggjandaleyfa / Registration of authorized Tour Operators

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